“Whole Mango” : Vitamin D3

Did you know that vitamin D is more of a hormone than a vitamin?

 Protects the heart: Because this vitamin regulates blood sugar, it contributes to general health as well as heart health.

 Strengthens bones: Vitamin D3 affects bone growth and health, and prevents the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

 Reduces the risk of cancer: Especially colon, prostate and breast cancer.

 Preserves memory: The brain needs vitamin D3 in order to function properly.

 Strengthens immunity: Vitamin D3 helps cells fight inflammation and infections.

 Lowers blood pressure: This vitamin plays a major role in regulating blood pressure.

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that controls metabolism, a vitamin that contributes to the normal formation of erythrocytes and actively participates in the elimination of fatigue and exhaustion.

A supplement containing Vitamin B12 on the supplement map has become the most sought after in the 21st century. History does not remember that at the request of medicine, bromatology increased the recommended daily intake of some active material 100 TIMES, ie from 10 micg to 1000 micg.

Even only 1% of absorption is considered very successful, because the problem due to the absorption of Vitamin B12 is chronic and we know it as „Intrinsic factor“.

„Intrinsic factor“ is a protein of the duodenum and due to the reduced concentration of this glycoprotein, the absorption of Vitamin B12 is absolutely impossible. Medicine has clearly recognized the „intrinsic factor“, a factor that enables the absorption of Vitamin B12.

With carefully selected fruit acids and microencapsulated strawberry aromas, we wanted to cause an increase in the concentration of ptyalin in the oral cavity and open the salivary glands, thus preparing them for easier absorption of Vitamin B12.

In this way, „Whole RED“ consumption, we recommend only 3 lozenges of 170 micg each, and a total of up to 510 micg.

Active Ingredients 2 lozenges %NRV*
Vitamin D3 10 mcg 200%

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