Sage & Buckthorn

A discovery that protects after the voice.

You don’t have a formed opinion about syrups, and your children are constantly complaining?

What we offer is a lozenge enriched with herbal extracts of sage and buckthorn and aromas of natural peppermint oil.

Sage and buckthorn – the antimicrobial and antibiotic effect of the esters of these two plants has been forgotten. We used them as a medicine until the invention of antibiotics, and today, when bacteria have evolved faster than the science of antibiotics, we are restoring these medicinal plants to pharmacy prescriptions;

The main task of the „Whole blue“ preparation is reduced salivation and bathing of painful tonsils and pharynx. After we provoke the salivary glands with aroma, the result is instantaneous, the sore throat stops. The combination of sage and buckthorn has a synergistic effect on reducing the feeling of irritation and scratching in the throat and has a calming effect on the vocal cords. The lozenges slowly dissolve in the mouth and thus enable their prolonged action in the oral cavity and throat.

In addition to antibiotic and antimicrobial instant action, sage and buckthorn esters also have a spasmolytic effect (relaxation of smooth muscles) and together with esters of aromatic mint will relax and disinfect the tense muscles of the oral cavity.

Recommendation for consumption:

– 2-3 lozenges per day for adults

– 1 lozenge per day for children older than 12 years

Daily intake of Whole blue lozenges is recommended to freshen the breath, and can help with stomach cramps and heartburn.

Active Ingredients 3 lozenges
Suvi ekstrakt lista bokvice( Plantago lanceolata) 8:1 150 mg
Suvi ekstrakt lista žalfije (Salvia Officinalis) 8:1 240 mg

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