Zinc & Vitamin C

It is important to know that Vitamin C and zinc (zinc) play an important role in nutrition, immune response and maintaining health. With increased activity of the immune system, such as an acute infection of the respiratory system, millions of new immune cells are created, and the need for vitamin C and zinc increases.

 Our immune system is starting to fight the infection.

On the other hand, zinc is a mineral with a significant and diverse role in the body, it is present in all tissues in the body. It is an element that is necessary for normal growth and development, cognitive functions, preservation of fertility, wound healing and proper function of the immune system. Zinc contributes to the preservation of healthy bones, eyesight, hair, skin and nails.

A large number of different preparations that raise immunity on the world market presented a great challenge for our development team. Preventing the development of the virus, with a drug or dietary product, is an imperative of the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry today. This is the task of all of us, we will agree!

The analysis determined that of all strains of the virus, a person is most often exposed to a group of rhinoviruses. Viruses of this group form the basis of endangering our immune system.

We often call the clinical picture of a patient suffering from rhinovirus a cold, but is it as naive as it sounds? Rhinovirus makes us weak and torments our body. It attacks the respiratory organs, sinuses, oral cavity, while causing sore throat, headache, sinusitis, runny nose, fever.

Due to improper treatment of such clinical symptoms, the body is often attacked by various infections. We recognized the project task, and immediately after that the active materials, Zinc and vitamin C. Zinc has been at the fingertips of science for decades, waiting in line to be noticed. And then, at the speed of light, it became the sovereign ruler of the racket of our organism when science decided to give IT a chance to make a name for itself. Zinc is found in over 300 elements in nature, our team has recognized Zinc Oxide as the best variety of Zinc.

It is interesting that it is a semiconductor, and it has an extremely high electron mobility. The main task of this project, as well as a great challenge for the Pack team, is to keep Zinc Oxide in the oral cavity for as long as possible, and hence the note in the description of how to consume our product, „slowly dissolve in the mouth“. Retaining Zinc in the mouth is therefore imperative to maintain contact between active materials and cells with which the virus has already come into conflict. Zinc will cover all the cells of the upper respiratory system with its membrane and protect them from the virus (rhinovirus). This phenomenon of fighting Zinc versus rhinovirus is the subject of many scientific papers, but the way of rejecting the virus due to a conflict with a cell that has a membrane of zinc has remained completely unknown to science. In accordance with that, we in Packo can smell the victory that raises our sails even clearer. Our mandarin-flavored lozenges have a higher percentage of hardness compared to our other products and dissolve more slowly in the mouth, which results in a longer stay of zinc oxide in the oral cavity and it is more accessible to the cells of the upper respiratory system.

Recommendation for consumption:

– 2-3 lozenges per day, it is desirable to consume lozenges at once.

– Children over 3 years old should consume 1 lonzege daily

Our lozenges can be consumed daily and preventively, but zinc will have the best effect if you consume it during a viral infection.

Active Ingredients 2 lozenges %NRV*
Vitamin C 510 mg 75%
Cink 15 mg 150%

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