Ivy & Plantain

The combination of ivy and buckthorn with its synergistic effect reduces the feeling of irritation and scratching in the throat and has a calming effect on the vocal cords. This effect is enhanced when applied in the formulation as lozenges that slowly dissolve in the mouth and thus allow prolonged action in the oral cavity and throat.

Ivy leaf is used internally for coughs and bronchitis, and it is also attributed to a hepatoprotective effect. It contains a large number of medicinal substances that affect our respiratory system by dissolving mucus in the bronchi to facilitate expectoration. Ivy leaf also encourages relaxation of the bronchial muscles, thus enabling easier breathing and soothing cough. Thanks to these healing properties, ivy is recommended for people who have more serious respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, sore throat and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Buckthorn leaf has antimicrobial, secretolytic and antispasmodic effects. It contains large amounts of vitamins (mostly A, C and K) as well as high levels of iron and calcium. It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, so it is recommended for strengthening immunity.

Buckwheat is also extremely effective in expelling toxins from the body. In the fight against cough, bokvica encourages the drying of excess secretion and encourages its expulsion in order to protect the lungs and prevent more serious complications.

 Recommendation for consumption:

– 2-3 lozenges a day slowly dissolve in your mouth.

Active Ingredients 3 lozenges
Suvi ekstrakt lista bokvice( Plantago lanceolata) 8:1 20 mg
Suvi ekstrakt lista bršljana (Hedera helix) 8:1 20 mg

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